„A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” on one of the spiral arms of the milky way, on the third planet from the sun – called Earth – we welcome the moment of awakening to universal peace. The whole Galaxy is supporting this transition sending their emissaries to the Earth. The Circus Space Pirates decided to land their space-ship in the city of Berlin to spread their language of joyous playfulness.
We invite you on a journey to new dimensions of inspiration and awe. Hear the call for adventure, join the colorful circus crew and discover the treasure hidden in the flow of creation. As Yoda said, „luminous beings are we“, and we come in peace for all mankind. As Circus Space Pirates we believe that circus is more than a performance, it is a portal to feel fully alive, grow dreams together, empower solidarity and passion to explore the wonders of life we all share as one universal family.
“The Force will be with you. Always.”

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For us Circus Space Pirates, it is essential to encourage people from all backgrounds to feel empowered to express their true nature in a playful connection with the world…
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Our mobile actions are transforming public spaces into a vital portal of playful expression, creativity, and togetherness.
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We believe that solidarity and creativity are essential to navigate in an uncertain and complex world, changing at a more rapid speed than ever before.
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Call for volunteers!

We recently put out a call for volunteers for a short-term solidarity volunteering experience (1st June – 30th September) with CABUWAZI in Berlin. The volunteers will support our social activities in public space, develop their circus skills and grow in our international team whilst receiving financial support from the EuSC-Program. We are looking forward to„Call for volunteers!“ weiterlesen

Reclaim the Streets 25.09.20

Reclaim the Streets (more info here) was first born out of anti-car protest camps in the streets of London in 1991. Since then it has been taken up as a decentralised movement across world cities to claim back public space from increasingly commercialised and private interests, eaten up by shopping malls, expensive apartments and corporate„Reclaim the Streets 25.09.20“ weiterlesen

„The circus is an ageless delight. Young or old, rich or poor, east or west, north or south, circus reaches all of us”


Circus Space Pirates – We are a group of passionate performers, educators and activists, who have all met through the berlin-based social circus CABUWAZI. What started out as a small idea, has now turned into something greater, which we wish to share and invite to grow together with everyone who feels the calling to join this journey.