Karneval der Kulturen 2020

This year, while most of big events all around the world were cancelled because of the corona crisis, the Haus des Karnevals decided to let the event happen on the same date, of course in a much smaller scale than usual, but still with the same amount of positivity and spirit that feature the Carnival of Cultures.
The CABUWAZI volunteers’ crew was one of the groups who decided to parade for the event, and even if we learned that the event was still happening just a few days before the 31st, the group was really excited and eager to take part!
The symbolic boat of the group just needs a few adjustments and everything is ready! Put the costumes on, a bit of face-painting, gather all the circus equipment, and it’s already time to start!
The parade starts in Hermann Platz at noon, some people are gathering already, some others are stopping by because they found themselves occasionally in the place and are curious to know what’s going on.
It’s a very nice feeling too see the smile on people’s faces, or the bodies following the rhythm of the percussions of the South American groups: it’s a strong energy, giving everyone the power to keep dancing and following the flow.
At the end of the parade, it is time to rest and reflect a little bit on the experience. It was a long and intense afternoon and there is some stuff still that needs to be done e organized before everyone leaves.
It was certainly a very nice and memorable day for everyone, and even if the event didn’t happen on its normal scale, it was still a great occasion to bring up symbolically and playfully very important themes like the peaceful co-existence of diverse cultures, tolerance, and the beauty of many different colours mixing together.

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