XR Climate Camp II

On the 15th of June the Extinction Rebellion Wave began, supported by our crew Circus Space Pirates with circus activities and a joyful atmosphere. All week was filled with diverse demonstrations all over the city. Members of the XR movement got engaged in preparing each specific one with all their motivation to fight for climate justice. The first demonstration finished in Invaliden Park with a “test of strength” – a group of people dressed up in suits, carrying huge bags of money symbolising the politicians, in a tug of war against colourfully dressed people representing the society which cares about the future of our planet. Of course, the Eco Group won and with this cheerful moment, so began a 4-day action which included live music, workshops, citizen assemblies and speeches on 3 topics: economy and democracy, transformation and solidarity.

Veröffentlicht von circusspacepirates

Circus Space Pirates Collective (www.circusspacepirates.org) – We are a group of passionate performers, educators and activists, who have all met through the berlin-based social circus actions. What started out as a small idea, has now turned into something greater, which we wish to share and invite to grow together with everyone who feels the calling to join this journey. Since March 2022 we are also supporting Ukrainian people with circus pedagogical offers at the Ukrainian border: www.mobilecircusforpeace.org

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