Wilde Möhre Festival 2021

Our first festival experience after the palace was the 3 days Wilde Möhre Festival (https://wildemoehrefestival.de/), ca. one hour from Berlin. We were invited to make some circus workshops, do some colorful walking acts in the evening and spread a nice magic vibe around the festival. We went with a bigger team of 12 pirates including some supporters from the wider community. This mission we did without our circus tent so we brought all the equipment, costumes and necessary infrastructure with the train and bus (highly eco-friendly). After setting up our circus camp in a quiet corner next to some huge tree we started to explore the space of the festival. The hand designed spaces of the festival were really beautiful, the organizers put a lot of heart and soul in to make this a beautiful place.

We offered 4 workshops: Hula Hoop/Clowning with Jazz, Acro-Dance with Nelson, Pois&Juggling with Hamza&Chloe and the Art of Flow with Tomek. In the evening we put on our amazing lightfull costumes and moved with our unique walking act through the festival and spread the circus magic.
It has been a very valuable experience and helped us to grow together as a team, develop the quality of our workshops and enjoy the creative flow of the walking act. We are very grateful for the invitation and look forward to returning next year perhaps with the circus tent.

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