Goulash Disko

A global community close to our hearts, we had been waiting for Goulash Disko for the whole summer. September rolled around and we prepared our pirate ship for one last long haul journey, the 24 hour trip from Berlin to the island of Vis, Croatia. A traveling circus is quite a sight to behold! And with many boxes of magic to carry we had to seek the help of a trusty steed (a Lidl trolley we called Camel) to help us on the long and winding road. Camel made it all the way from the sheltered village of Lidl, watching the sunset over the ocean on the ferry crossing, and even made it onto the bus across the island, all the way to our destination, the town of Komiza. 

Goulash Disko is a global family that comes together every year to celebrate good music and dance by the Croatian sea. After a year long pause due to the pandemic, everyone was glad to be back. This year the Circus Space Pirates held the fire spaces each night on the beach, and what better place to dance with fire, with the main stage on one side and the sea on the other. Thank you for having us Goulashians! Hope to see you next year. 

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