Cacao Ceremonies

Over the Summer the Pirates had the good fortune to travel to different events, festivals and communities spreading the magic of circus. But there is another kind of magic that we often brought with us, a ceremonial kind of magic brought from a sacred plant in Latin America: the magic of cacao. One of the main philosophies of the Circus Space Pirates is exactly that- space. To hold space for people to step into their power and creativity, to connect with themselves and others. We bring this space not only with our circus tent but also with our playfulness and our open hearts. The magic of cacao offers us this inner space, bringing us together in this ceremony, inviting everyone to reconnect with nature, with Mother Earth, with music and voice, with fire and light, with community, and to open our hearts. 

In the past few months we have held space for these cacao ceremonies, preparing the ceremonies together and putting our intentions into the cacao for the teachings it will bring. When our summer adventures were now coming to an end, on the night of the autumn equinox, we joined friends at the Urban Healing Unit to come together for one last cacao ceremony before closing the project. We sang, we danced, we laughed, and we shared the light and the learnings we had received over the summer. Autumn is a time of transformation, of harvest, of growing from what we have learned in the summer sunshine and shedding those leaves that no longer serve us. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, the autumn equinox invites us to look inward and reap what we have sown throughout the year, and coming together to share this ceremony provided everyone the space and support to meditate on what this change of seasons will bring…

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