Mobile Circus Team for Ukraine

Facing terror and suffering of people from Ukraine, we want to support with a mobile circus team a safe space of playful encounter and strengthening of self-perception of children and young people fleeing from the war zone.

We are putting together two teams:

In Berlin: we want to support a space of movement and encounter with circus pedagogical activities, playful animation and integrative circus actions at the places of arrival (main station), the initial reception (Tegel) and as an offer for the Ukrainian children on site.

At the Polish-Ukrainian border: with a mobile team we want to support the Ukrainian people directly at the PL-UE border, by building an infrastructure for circus pedagogical activities (10m circus tent, props, mats, light&sound equipment) and organizing an offer for the arriving people in cooperation with the Polish activists on site.

We offer:

  • a supportive coordination structure
  • a variety of circus material
  • an experienced core team
  • financial support
  • common planning and evaluation of the work
  • internal trainings and if necessary psychological support

Invitation: We invite all motivated circus people to join us and share the circus magic either on site in Berlin or at the Polish border

Registration form:
Preparation/Info meeting: Saturday, 19.03 – 18h-20h (in Berlin)
Contact & Questions: (01787276438 – tomek)

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