Unteilbar Solidarity Demo 14 June 2020

The Circus Space Pirates joined the #SoGehtSolidarisch demonstration organised by Unteilbar on 14th June with circus street animation. This marked the annual Unteilbar protest, meaning „Indivisible“ in German, that brought thousands of people into the streets in the name of social causes including sea rescue, anti-racism, anti-semitism and more rights for an open society. The„Unteilbar Solidarity Demo 14 June 2020“ weiterlesen

The Circus Space Pirates become Müllhelden

In occasion of a special collaboration with the Kultur Labor Trial&Error, the Circus Space Pirates became Müllhelden for one afternoon! We visited Block 87 in Kotti, and together with the kids we helped cleaning up the space of the courtyard from the trash, encouraging the kids to take on the values of a clean world„The Circus Space Pirates become Müllhelden“ weiterlesen

Karneval der Kulturen 2020

This year, while most of big events all around the world were cancelled because of the corona crisis, the Haus des Karnevals decided to let the event happen on the same date, of course in a much smaller scale than usual, but still with the same amount of positivity and spirit that feature the Carnival„Karneval der Kulturen 2020“ weiterlesen

Water Circus Play On a Sunny Day

Another episode of the CSP journey, this time celebrating the first sunshines of the spring by taking over the water space in Wannsee, Berlin. Check out the video and enjoy the calmness preceding the sunset intertwined with moments of playfulness with the water. Stay connected with the Circus Space Pirates for the next episodes of„Water Circus Play On a Sunny Day“ weiterlesen

XR Climate Camp

The Berlin chapter of the international climate protest movement Extinction rebellion (XR) began with a climate camp situated outside Germany’s government offices. A citizen assembly with the aim to discuss pressing issues within a broad social context to find common solutions. Circus Space Pirates, we’re honoured to hold a workshop space over the weekend in„XR Climate Camp“ weiterlesen

Fridays For Future – Climate Strike

On 20th September 2019, the CSP team took part in the “Fridays for Future” demonstration. An international school strike for the climate started by Greta Thunberg (climate activist) in 2018. Together with 270 000 protesters we began the march in the afternoon near the Brandenburg gate and made our way though the city on our„Fridays For Future – Climate Strike“ weiterlesen

Kinder Karneval at YAAM

The CSP crew joined the Kinder Karnaval celebration at Yaam with a full array of games and fun activities for the children! We had floor mats down so we could teach kugel, lots of juggling equipment and costumes for everyone to use. The space was transformed into a buzzing playground for the day with maximum„Kinder Karneval at YAAM“ weiterlesen