Call for volunteers!

We recently put out a call for volunteers for a short-term solidarity volunteering experience (1st June – 30th September) with CABUWAZI in Berlin. The volunteers will support our social activities in public space, develop their circus skills and grow in our international team whilst receiving financial support from the EuSC-Program. We are looking forward to„Call for volunteers!“ weiterlesen

Reclaim the Streets 25.09.20

Reclaim the Streets (more info here) was first born out of anti-car protest camps in the streets of London in 1991. Since then it has been taken up as a decentralised movement across world cities to claim back public space from increasingly commercialised and private interests, eaten up by shopping malls, expensive apartments and corporate„Reclaim the Streets 25.09.20“ weiterlesen

Bringing Circus to Refugees in Lichtenberg

Corona has been a tough time for communities all over the globe. In Berlin, overall, the lockdown was relatively light for most, but still kids were stuck at home without places to play. For some this is more acute than others, like those living on the outskirts of Berlin’s city centre. Lichtenberg sits just East„Bringing Circus to Refugees in Lichtenberg“ weiterlesen

“Our jOURney”: Volunteer Clowning Show

When does a journey start, and when does it end? Or, would it maybe be better to ask ourselves if journeys really have an end or a beginning? As ESC volunteers, we all are like travellers, and everyday we are confronted with the meaning of journey. While exploring a new country, new ways of living„“Our jOURney”: Volunteer Clowning Show“ weiterlesen

Supporting Free Space Culture in Berlin

Once upon a time in the middle of a green, green forest in Berlin-Treptow there was a colourful amusement park full of thrilling rides, cotton candy, carnies and joyful kids. Now this abandoned treasure is gathering moss: the long lost Plänterwald Spreepark.  Founded in 1969, it was once the only permanent amusement park under the„Supporting Free Space Culture in Berlin“ weiterlesen

Fire Playgrounds

Throughout the summer we have been hosting a series of introductory burns for our volunteers and other curious honorary pirates. Fire jams are a regular feature of Berlin subculture, but can often seem intimidating or closed off to outsiders to get involved and participate. To break the illusion of grandeur and complexity, we created the„Fire Playgrounds“ weiterlesen

Roztoč Multi-circus Festival Prague

The Pirates took their set-up to support the biggest circus festival of this summer in Prague from 20th to 23rd August. Professional circus artists, fire performers, acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, musicians and set designers all came together for 4 days of action-packed workshops in the site of an old sugar factory on the outskirts of Prague.„Roztoč Multi-circus Festival Prague“ weiterlesen

The journey back to Otto Spielplatz

Our circus space pirate ship tracked its course once again towards Otto Spielplatz on 6th August for a day of quests with the kids of Moabit! This time our crew planned a series of interactive challenges for a group of 40 children, complete with a colourful treasure map. We put our heads together to come„The journey back to Otto Spielplatz“ weiterlesen

Blaue Blume Festival 31 July 2020

Blaue Blume is an arts and cultural festival that brings communities near the German-Polish border together once a year for a weekend of expression in a natural space. As the culminating event in a week of exchange between young Polish and German artists, we bore witness to a series of interactive exhibits weaving together natural„Blaue Blume Festival 31 July 2020“ weiterlesen

„Wander Zirkus“, a wonderful afternoon of circus

Here is a short collection of pictures of „Wander Zirkus“, a circus event organized by Degewo in collaboration with CABUWAZI Marzahn for the neighborhood: a moment to celebrate the summer and the possibility of playing together again after the end of the lockdown. A huge bouncy castle, a lot of different circus stations, and four„„Wander Zirkus“, a wonderful afternoon of circus“ weiterlesen