Bringing Circus to Refugees in Lichtenberg

Corona has been a tough time for communities all over the globe. In Berlin, overall, the lockdown was relatively light for most, but still kids were stuck at home without places to play. For some this is more acute than others, like those living on the outskirts of Berlin’s city centre. Lichtenberg sits just East„Bringing Circus to Refugees in Lichtenberg“ weiterlesen

Supporting Free Space Culture in Berlin

Once upon a time in the middle of a green, green forest in Berlin-Treptow there was a colourful amusement park full of thrilling rides, cotton candy, carnies and joyful kids. Now this abandoned treasure is gathering moss: the long lost Plänterwald Spreepark.  Founded in 1969, it was once the only permanent amusement park under the„Supporting Free Space Culture in Berlin“ weiterlesen